We’re making asynchronous communication easy, intelligent and shareable.

Asynchronous video communication — where you share videos on your terms, when you like — is fast becoming a part of our lives.

Yet for the knowledge worker, more is needed. That’s why we created Clipper: Asynchronous video for the professional. Create quick videos of your screen, or speak directly to the camera. All while having the most powerful system to make videos as fast as possible to make. No editing is needed, and there’s a rich set of AI technologies to make the videos accessible and searchable.

Powered by SRI technology.

Clipper comes out of SRI International, and includes a wide range of patented technology to transform the exploding field of asynchronous video.

SRI is one of the world’s largest research institutes, with a rich legacy of some of the biggest innovations in modern technology — from the invention of the computer mouse, to the inkjet printer, to SIRI on your iPhone — and now Clipper.